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Parking spaces


Depending on how much you wish to pay, there are a range of indoor and outdoor parking options at Zurich Airport. Parking is possible around the clock at Zurich Airport, and there is always a parking space available in one of our car parks.

Car park at Zurich Airport

Available parking spaces

Saturday, August 23, 2014 2:19 AM
Description Total capacity Number of available spaces
P 1 1936 1248
P 2 2506 1709
P 3 1963 1419
P 40 502 51
P 6 3312 1403
P 60 500 Available

The availability of individual parking spaces can change quickly due to an increase in demand. This may mean that your preferred car park is already full when you arrive at Zurich Airport and you may have to use an alternative car park. Unfortunately, reservations are not possible at this time.

Transfer times

The following information about transfer times from the various car parks at Zurich Airport will help you choose your preferred parking space.

  • Approximate transfer times on foot in minutes

    Arrival 145611415
    Arrival 25448712
    Bus terminal543379
    Check-in 145611415
    Check-in 25448712
    Check-in 36536710
    General Aviation Center GAC10121412817
    Operations Center OPC 168108415
    Passport control 145611415
    Passport control 25448712
    Radison Blu4569412
     *Bus connection to airport available      


Your car park at Zurich Airport

Multi-storey car parks P1 (Check-in 1 and Arrival 1), P2 (Check-in 2 and Arrival 2) and P3 (Check-in 3) are directly linked to the main airport building.


For people wishing to park for three days or more, car park P6 offers a cheaper alternative to car parks P1-3. The main airport building can be reached in just 5 minutes via the covered walkway. There are three parking spaces available for electric vehicles. These are in a prime location right next to the lifts on the entry level. You can recharge your vehicles free of charge.


Parking deck P40 is just 5 minutes' walk from the main airport building and is slightly less expensive.

Affordable long-term parking

Open-air car park P60 at the edge of the airport site offers the least expensive parking spaces. The terminal is approx. ten minutes away on foot (baggage carts available).
The "Werft" stop is 100 metres from car park P60. Buses offer regular, continuous services between the car park and the airport.

Parking for taller vehicles

Vehicles which are taller than 2 metres can park in car parks P40 and P60 (long-term parking).

Motorbike parking

There are free parking spaces for motorbikes near Gate 101 and at various other locations (see general plan). The route to the parking area near Gate 101 is signposted and easy to find.