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Baggage regulations

When packing for your flight, please note your airline's baggage regulations and the security regulations in force at Zurich Airport.

Baggage check-in

Baggage check-in

Most airlines include a baggage allowance in the ticket price. With most airlines, a baggage allowance of up to 20 kg is included in the ticket price. Special baggage regulations apply for flights to the USA and Canada. If your baggage is too heavy, you will be expected to pay a surcharge. Please contact your airline or travel agency to find out the specific baggage requirements for your flight.

Hand baggage

Please observe the restrictions on hand baggage. Most airlines stipulate that hand baggage must not be larger than 56 x 45 x 25 cm and must not weigh more than 8 kg. Please ask your airline about specific requirements for hand baggage.

Bulky items

Bulky items such as sports equipment and musical instruments can be handed over at the check-in desk. At Zurich Airport, sports equipment, musical instruments and other bulky items can simply be handed over at the check-in desk. Before travelling to the airport, ask your airline about any special conditions that may apply.


Security regulations for your hand baggage

Please note that security regulations also apply to hand baggage at Zurich Airport. Dangerous items and liquids are prohibited on board the aircraft. You can find detailed information on dangerous items and liquids in the aircraft on the following pages:

Security checks
Customs regulations

Bagagge wrapping service

Wir verpacken Ihr Reisegepäck gegen Feuchtigkeit, Beschädigungen, unerlaubtes Öffnen und ungewolltes Aufspringen der Kofferverschlüsse.

Täglich 05:30 – 21:30 Uhr, Check-in 2
Information: www.safe-bag.com 

Lost baggage

If your baggage has not arrived, you will need to go to the baggage tracing office in the Arrival hall.

If you have already left the airport, please contact the handling agent for your airline (Lost & Found). You will find details about your airline's handling agent under airlines. Click on your airline to view the details.