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Curbside lanes

The upgraded check-in curbside lanes, with their new, large roof, can be used as intended once again from 1 June 2016. Authorised parties may also use the inner lane for Arrivals and Services again.

Access plan

The outer public lane on the Arrivals level will remain temporarily closed to private users while work is being finished. One the work has been completed around mid-June 2016, this will be re-opened to the public with a modified regime as P4 short-term parking.

A new usage and product concept for curbside lane permits will come into force on 1 June 2016. All existing curbside lane permits are being revoked and are only valid up to 31 May 2016. The rescinded products which still have a fixed expiry date (31 May 2016) can be reapplied for if necessary.

Regular, authorised users can apply for the curbside lane permits valid from 1 June 2016 using the new application forms.

Use of the curbside lanes is outlined in the "Rules governing access to and use of the inner curbside lanes, the Arrivals pick-up area, and curbside lane waiting area" as well as in the associated documentation.

In general, the inner curbside lanes may only be accessed with an electronic curbside lane permit. Other authorised users who do not have a curbside lane permit are explicitly listed on the additional sign to the general ban. They can request a single-use permit via the intercom at the entrance station. The times and rates published in the price list and at the entrance station apply to tickets acquired in this way.