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Aviation systems services

Aviation systems services

Various systems exist to support companies involved in flight handling at the airport.

Dienstleistung Aviation
Aviation systems




AIMS-AODB is a central system that supports all companies operating at the airport in their flight handling processes. The term AIMS-AODB comprises the following central systems, all of which can be accessed via a GUI.

  • AIMS-SFS (Seasonal Flight Schedule):
    The raw data is transmitted from Score (Zurich Slot Coordination) and supplemented with additional data by various interested parties.
  • AIMS-Plus (Airport Information and Management System):
    Central system for processing flight operations on the current day. The data is read in and forwarded manually or via various system links. The formatted data can be retrieved using a GUI or FIDS monitor.
  • AIMS-Rep:
    Central AIMS-AODB repository for master data and historic data.

FIDS – Flight Information System

The Flight Information Systems (FIDS) screens installed throughout Zurich Airport provide passengers and employees with constant up-to-date information on ongoing flight operations. In addition to being displayed on the screens positioned by Flughafen Zürich AG, this information is also available in various forms as the „FIDS Service“, keeping people in staff rest rooms, lounges and restaurants up to date.


CUTE at Zurich Airport – optimising systems connectivity to fully integrate SITA airports. CUTE provides end-to-end IP connectivity from host to airport desktop, so that airlines can enjoy secure access to their own systems via an open industry platform. To meet the needs of individual airlines, each CUTE workstation uses a pre-integrated browser and is connected via IP.

CUTE - Formular CUTE Registration


Who benefits?


  • shared facilities 
  • easy check-in 
  • capacity for multiple airlines
  • optimised space and resources
  • enhanced functionality
  • real-time information
  • increased service quality 

Ground handlers

  • user friendly
  • reduced costs
  • more rapid handling
  • shorter training time


Common CUTE

CUTE counters are used jointly by airlines and handling agents. They can be found at all locations including check-in and transfer counters and flight gates (plus bus gates). The costs of common CUTE are billed according to special CUTE user agreements. A SITA SLA ensures the availability of Common CUTE.

Dedicated CUTE (specific applications)

Original CUTE infrastructure, directly connected to AirportNet II. The availability of dedicated CUTE is ensured via an SLA. Dedicated CUTE can only be operated via specially configured systems within the CUTE VLAN by AirportNet II.


Passengers and airlines appreciate being able to check in easily and save time, so they make frequent use of this service.
Depending on the airline, passengers can change their seat reservations themselves and check in for several flight routes at the same time.


The BRTS application is connected to the baggage sorting equipment and enables a comparison to be made between baggage and passenger, informing the loader whether or not to load the baggage. At the same time, the system sends a message to the DCS of the airline in question, containing the loading status of the baggage. The system supports various loading strategies, such as different ULDs per class, destination or terminal at the destination.
Robust Motorola Symbol Technologies hand scanners are used as peripheral devices. Communication with the mainframe computer takes place via the WLAN, enabling reconciliations to be carried out both in the sorting hall and on the apron.

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