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Communication services

Communication services

As a Flughafen Zürich AG partner, a variety of different communications media are available to you – IP Services/ LAN/WLAN, fixed-line telephony, private business radio, ramp radio, master time services and housing.

IP Services LAN/WLAN

1. IP Services/LAN/WLAN

The Internet protocol (IP) now forms the basis for all modern data communications. Numerous IP-based services are provided throughout Zurich Airport, all of which are maintained by our IT staff.

IP connections with guaranteed service levels are therefore available throughout the airport. The Airport’s partners can be sure of their availability at all times, leaving them to concentrate their full attention and skills on their core business in daily flight operations.

IP network services

IP connections are distributed across the entire Zurich Airport site, and these are linked together using MPLS VPN technology to form a secure network. With the help of this IP network service, the required information and data can be accessed using existing service networks.

IP wireless network

This service enables the IP network to be expanded to form a wireless network. All of the airport's flight operations areas – both indoors and out – are fully connected in accordance with the 802.11b/g standard.

Internet Services

Internet access, which is available as an optional IP service, is noted for its particularly high performance and reliability. To protect our partners at Zurich Airport, a firewall is in place at all times.

2. Fixed-line telephony

Telephone calls are the most common way in which telecommunications are used. An essential part of our daily work, the telephone system at Zurich Airport forms the cornerstone of voice communications. For this reason, the digital telephone system at Zurich Airport – with all its technical features – is a central element of our service offering.

With state-of-the-art equipment enhanced with attractive end devices and interesting extra services, we offer our tenants and partners at Zurich Airport all of the advantages of a modern telephone system.
The telephone system also helps save costs, as you can talk to anyone else connected to the system (currently more than 6,000 people) without incurring any call costs.

3. Private business radio

Zurich Airport operates a private business radio system. This guarantees complete coverage of the entire airport premises, as well as reliable radio services to all indoor operations areas.

The numerous technical features of the "RADIO@ZRH" trunked radio system can be optimised to suit the operational processes of any user group, supporting you in your day-to-day flight operation tasks.

4. Ramp radio

The "RADIO@ZRH Light" service provides a modern, digital version of the well-known ramp radio product. The simplicity of ramp radio has been combined with the reliability of Zurich Airport's digital radio infrastructure. This service makes use of the excellent coverage and reliability of the private business radio network, but most of the numerous complex technical features have been omitted.
Savings made on the licensing costs for the private business radio processor mean we are able to structure ramp radio as a financially attractive offering with interesting opportunities.

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5. Cabling

Individual workplaces at Zurich Airport are often a long way apart. Surmounting this hurdle in data networks is primarily the task of the various IP services that are available.
However, some systems need their own, highly specialised cabling. In these special cases, it is possible to use Zurich Airport’s infrastructure.
For the security of the airport, its passengers and employees, however, any external use of this infrastructure must comply with detailed requirements. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the availability of freely usable cabling. Its usage is restricted to those applications that cannot be implemented using any of the other services provided.

6. Master time services

The time information available throughout Zurich Airport – either as a digital impulse for analogue slave clocks or as a complex data signal for digital clocks – comes from a GPS satellite.

7. Housing

Servers are often very noisy and are perceived as being extremely annoying in an office environment. Zurich Airport has many rooms available which form part of the airport’s infrastructure. These rooms are capable of housing such equipment, subject to space being available.

The locking system at Zurich Airport is managed centrally by the airport operator and therefore guarantees that no unauthorised persons can gain access to systems.

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