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ZRH Insider Card
ZRH Insider Card

ZRH Insider Card
ZRH Insider Card

What is the ZRH Insider Card?

With the ZRH Insider Card, all employees will have their pass instantly accessible on their smartphones. Digitalizing this product should help make the ZRH Community even more aware of the employee benefits available at the airport.

How do employees use the ZRH Insider Card?

To take advantage of the employee benefits offered by our catering and retail partners, the ZRH Insider Card must be presented prior to each purchase. The ZRH Insider Card can be accessed and displayed from the Zurich Airport website once the user has verified they are an employee. The pass is checked visually and not scanned.


How do I order the ZRH Insider Card for my employees?

For companies that already have Zurich Airport ID products
Please direct your employees to the ZRH Insider Card information page: www.flughafen-zuerich.ch/insidercard

This page can also be reached by scanning the QR code below.