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Staff discounts

Everyone who works at Zurich Airport can take advantage of the staff discounts offered in many shops and restaurants. You can find an overview of the latest special offers here.

All you need is your ID card

The discounts listed only apply at Zurich Airport. To take advantage of these offers, you must present one of the following ID cards at the till (before paying).
ID cards accepted: airport ID card, airline ID card, Flughafen Zürich AG retiree ID card, IG Flughafen Zürich ID card, or the official Zurich Airport employee ID card.

Official Zurich Airport employee ID card

If you are not in possession of any of above ID cards, you can obtain an official Zurich Airport employee ID card at the airport's Services Cards & Parking for a fee of CHF 40 (in addition to the card, you will also receive a shopping voucher worth CHF 40). Before contacting Services Cards & Parking, please make sure your company is registered with it and the signature card has been completed. The application forms on the right will help you further: „Employee ID card application“, „Company registration application - employee ID card“, „Signature card“.