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Flight operations

Airplane loading Apron


Operating licence

Authorisation and commitment for the airport operator, Flughafen Zürich AG.

Winter Operation @ ZRH Organising de-icing procedures at Zurich Airport.
Aeronautical Obstacles

Applicable provisions governing zone protection in and around Zurich Airport.

Aircraft docking guidance system

Description of the aircraft docking guidance system.

Charges & handling


Take-off and landing charges.


Airport Collaborative Decision Making is a concept which enhances the overall efficiency of an airport.

Ground handling

Directives to the different handling authorisations at Zurich airport.

Air freight & general aviation

Flight preparations

Useful checklists for smooth flight processing.


Freight processing.

Business aviation

Commercial flights under IFR rules.

General Aviation Center

You will find the General Aviation Center's entire range of services here.