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General Aviation Center


The General Aviation Center (GAC) offers you a wide range of services. The following service companies are located in the GAC main building:

  • General Aviation Service Center (GASC)
  • Pilot & briefing room
  • Handling agent offices 
  • Various aviation service providers
    (charter companies, flight schools, maintenance companies, etc.)

General Aviation Service Center opening hours

The General Aviation Service Center (GASC) is located in the GAC main building. It is the „C-Office“ for General Aviation and is open daily from 5.30 a.m. - 10.30 p.m.


General Aviation Service Center infrastructure

The GASC offers pilots the following infrastructure:

  • Meteo information system
  • Electronic submission of flight plans
  • Various manuals (AIP, VFR manual, etc.)
  • Counter for VFR flight announcements
  • Collection of landing charges
  • Counter for VFR & IFR airport slots
  • Counter for visitor registration
  • Display board for arrivals and departures
  • General enquiries 

GASC services


Airport slots for aircrafts

IFR airport slots for flights handled by ExecuJet, Jet Aviation and Jet Link can be booked directly via the relevant handling agent. All other IFR & VFR airport slots can be booked, changed or cancelled by calling the airport slot number. Maintenance flights also require airport slots.

Validity of airport slots

  • IFR airport slots have a margin of +/- 15'
  • VFR airport slots have a margin of +/- 15'

In order to minimise delays and avoid rerouting to other airports, flights should operate within the given margin. The introduction of the ACDM process means that clearance may be refused if the difference is more than 15'.

Reduced Capacity for Adhoc Flights*

A reduced capacity for ad-hoc flights will be declared both for arrivals and departures following the Historics Baseline Date. Before slots can be allocated for ad-hoc flights in any half hour the declared capacity (30 minutes capacity interval) will be reduced by 3 arrivals and 3 departures. Therefore in any half hour to (re-) allocate slots there must be a minimum of 4 available slots for 1 ad-hoc flight and 5 available slots for 2 ad-hoc flights.

*Effective as of summer 2015 scheduling period

Airport slots and restrictions for helicopters

IFR helicopter flights need an IFR airport slot, while VFR helicopter flights do not. No VFR helicopter flights between 12.45 - 2.15 p.m. LT. The control tower may make an exception in certain justified cases.

Collection of landing charges

Landing charges are usually settled via the C-Office in the General Aviation Service Center (exception: flights handled by ExecuJet and Jet Aviation).

Landing charges can be paid using CHF, EUR, American Express, Diners Club, EC/Maestro, Mastercard, PostFinance or VISA. Any change will be given in CHF only.

Licence extensions FOCA

  • Glider renewal application
  • SEP&TMG revalidation 
  • Balloon renewal application 
  • MP IR crosscredit

These are processed immediately providing the operating conditions allow this. Please note that there is no guarantee of immediate processing due to operational requirements. To view the relevant forms, click on Licence extensions FOCA.


The General Aviation Center (GAC) is located on the east side of the airport between the Freight East complex and Kloten. The Business Aviation Center (BAC) is situated next to the REGA building, to the north of runway 28. Both Aviation Centers are on Bimenzältenstrasse.


By car:
  • The GAC can be reached in 2-4 minutes from the Kloten Süd motorway exit. It is signposted GAC/BAC.
  • The BAC can be reached in 3-5 minutes from the Kloten Süd motorway exit. It is signposted GAC/BAC. Directions to the BAC are the same as for the GAC. It is approx. 500 m further down the road.
By public transport:
  • The GAC is near the Zürich Flughafen, Fracht bus and tram stop. This stop is regularly served by several buses and trams no. 10 and 12. Travel time to/from the airport is approx. 2 minutes.
  • From the airport, the BAC can only be reached by bus no. 736 (Zürich Flughafen, REGA stop). Services operate every 15 minutes in both directions. The journey takes 5 minutes.
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