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Private aviation

The terms „private aviation“ and „leisure flights“ refer to the non-commercial aspects of general aviation. This mainly applies to VFR flights with small aircraft/propeller planes.

Private Aviation
Private Jets

Compulsory Training

To operate at the airport a familiarization and safety training is mandatory as of March 2016. Pilots of fixed-wing aircraft must have completed an introductory training not older than three years. This training is provided by the Flughafen Zurich AG as a web-based safety-training, which can be accessed on the right side under "Links".

Compulsory escort

All passengers and crew must be accompanied by an authorised handling agent between the aircraft and the GAC/BAC on arrival and departure. Self handling is only permitted with an appropriate licence and under certain conditions.

Security check

Prior to departure, all passengers and crew must pass through a security check in accordance with ICAO standards.

Handling agents

Private aviation flights are usually handled by MFGZ (Motorfluggruppe Zürich) and Checkport. However, they may also handle business aviation flights. The maximum number of passengers is limited to 24 per flight.

VFR airport slots

  • On arrival: On block time at the stand.
  • On departure: Off block time (ready for taxi from stand). 
  • VFR airport slots have a margin of +/- 15'.
  • VFR flights do not need a valid airport Slot ID

Booking of VFR airport slots

In order to facilitate the booking procedure for a VFR airport slot, please make sure the following information is readily available:

1. Aircraft registration
2. Inbound and/or outbound
3. Requested date
4. Airport slot times in UTC
5. Handling agent for compulsory escort to/from the aircraft

Note: VFR airport slots can only be booked for the same or following day.