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Production planning

Production planning at Zurich Airport

The Operations & Capacity Planning section of Flughafen Zürich AG is part of the Planning & Engineering department and the Aviation division.

Operations Capacity Planning Team
Team Operations & Capacity Planning (left to right): Ruedi Schweizer, Jan Wicki, Silvio Barro, Florian Raff (Head), Denis Hilaire, Theo Staicov, Narvik Meier

Operations & Capacity Planning is responsible for the seasonal, short-term, medium-term and long-term planning of landside and airside infrastructures. The planning horizon extends from the current timetable period to the airport's capacity limit.

The purpose of seasonal and short-term planning is to ensure that available landside and airside infrastructures, such as the check-in counters, stands and gates, are used efficiently and optimally in the day-to-day running of the airport. The optimisation and development of landside and airside user concepts play a key role here (see Seasonal Production Planning, SPP). They are defined in close collaboration with various internal and external partners and determine how the infrastructures will be used. Operations & Capacity Planning also actively fosters relations with airline representatives, handling agents and other external partners, and assesses their customer needs as a direct contact.

Working in collaboration with various internal departments and sections, medium- and long-term planning reveals information about future capacity bottlenecks and identifies possible ways of resolving such bottlenecks in a timely fashion. Various traffic development scenarios, terminal simulations and other analyses serve as a basis for this.

Seasonal Production Planning (SPP)

Seasonal Production Planning (SPP) is undertaken by the Operations & Capacity Planning section each time the timetable changes. SPP is designed to give all partners involved in day-to-day flight operations an overview of the forthcoming timetable period. Production schedules are published online one month before the start of each season and include the following key points:

  • Compiling seasonal traffic forecasts (passengers and flights) and highlighting changes to the flight timetable (extensions/suspensions and increased/reduced flight frequency)
  • Demonstrating how the infrastructure is to be used, and highlighting bottlenecks based on one reference day/week 
  • Identifying operational solutions to guarantee efficient and optimum day-to-day operations
  • Drafting landside and airside user concepts for efficient use of the check-in, gate and stand infrastructure based on traffic forecasts 
  • Overview of the available infrastructure and the current landside and airside construction sites 
  • Compiling all key information and operational planning data for internal and external partners before the start of the season

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