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Winter Operation @ ZRH

Winter operations at Zurich Airport

Winter weather (especially snow and frost) is a major challenge for all partners at Zurich Airport. In order to still guarantee smooth operations, cooperation in a spirit of partnership has developed at the airport.

Winter Operations

The "Snow Committee" and "De-icing Coordination" units control and monitor all processes relating to winter operations and aircraft de-icing. Although Flughafen Zurich AG coordinates the management and holds responsibility, it is a product which is determined by close cooperation with a wide variety of partners, such as handling agents (Swissport, Dnata, Jet-Aviation), airlines (incl. hub carrier SWISS), SR Technics, Skyguide, and the airport.

On the part of FZAG, the responsibility falls to the Head of De-icing Coordination, located within Airport Steering. De-icing Coordination is the central hub for the de-icing process.

FZAG's Airport Authority is responsible for ensuring that runways, taxiways and aprons are cleared promptly, and for measuring and reporting.

Winter Services, a department of FZAG's Airfield Maintenance, is responsible for clearing snow and de-icing all areas used for flight operations (runways, taxiways, stands and apron areas), and also all roads and parking facilities for which FZAG is responsible, both airside and landside. This includes making aircraft de-icing equipment available and treating all waste water from de-icing operations.

Runway clearing carried out during operating hours is coordinated by FZAG's Winter Ops Coordinator with all other parties involved. The Coordinator also leads the Snow Committee telephone conferences.

The "Winter Operation @ ZRH" document lists and defines all contact information and processes, and also serves as a reference for all organisations that operate during and are affected by the winter season.