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Aeronautical Obstacles

Cantonal contact office for aeronautical obstacles

Art. 42 of the Civil Aviation Act stipulates that the federal government can issue an ordinance prescribing that buildings and other obstacles may only be erected within a certain radius of public airports or facilities for air-traffic control and air navigation aids or within a certain distance from air traffic routes provided they do not impair aviation safety (obstacle limitation surfaces according to ICAO Annex 14)

Aeronautical obstacles

Applicable provisions governing aeronautical obstacles in and around Zurich Airport

All applications for the construction of buildings, installations or changes, the planting of vegetation and reforestation which exceed the maximum heights specified in the plans of the obstacle limitation surfaces must be submitted to Zurich Airport, Aeronautical Obstacles.

In collaboration with Obstacle Collection Service FOCA it will be decided on whether and under what terms and conditions the aeronautical obstacle can be built. This same applies to changes to existing aeronautical obstacles.