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Energy supply

Energy supply at Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is an international and regional transport hub, one of the largest shopping centres in Switzerland, an industrial site and the workplace of some 20,000 people, making it a large consumer of energy.

As a progressive and responsible company entrusted with a mandate, Flughafen Zürich AG makes a clear pledge in its Energy Strategy 2030 to use primary energy economically and ensure a high level of security of supply.

Energy supply

An in-house operations optimisation team checks energy consumption systematically. It adjusts the running times of air conditioning and ventilation systems or optimises the operating times and temperatures of heating and refrigeration systems, depending on current requirements. When investments are made in replacements, older controls, pumps and lighting are replaced with new, energy-saving products.

Energy supply

We ensure a reliable supply of heat and electricity at Zurich Airport. Take advantage of our infrastructure and our experience with district heating and benefit from a high level of availability and environmental compatibility.