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Aviation Safety

Ramp safety

The safety of ground operations in all outdoor areas in non-public airport zones.

Runway safety

Details to safety on the runway.

Safety principles

The basic of safe flight operations and the Safety Management System.


Security principles

Basic principles of security provision

Known supplier 

Information on how a company can obtain "known supplier" status.

ID Cards & Keys

Information on how to apply for airport ID cards.

Health, Occupational & Fire Safety / EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT

Occupational & Fire Safety

The basic legal provisions regarding occupational and workplace safety, health protection and fire protection and precautions.

Emergency Management

The essentials of the Zurich Airport emergency organization.

Gemeinsam Sicher

Working for safety together

Information and materials on safety at Zurich Airport

Submit safety note

Report an event or a safety enhancement information with the occurrence reporting form.

Driver training

Information on training in driving in apron areas.


Safety training for airport workers an suppliers.