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ID Cards & Keys

Issuance of airport ID’s and parking cards at our center for parking & access

Due to the closure of the regular customer counter for airport ID’s, keys and parking cards in Terminal 2, very pressing issuance can take place at the emergency counter of the center for parking & access.

Please take the elevator to the second floor. The entrance to the center for parking & access is on the left hand side.

Please ensure you maintain required social distance at all time (in the elevator, while queuing and at the counter).

Airport ID Card & Key Authorisation

Below is some useful information regarding applications for airport ID cards. There are also important regulations which must be adhered to when handling ID.


Company registration

In order to request ID badges and keys from Flughafen Zürich AG you must first register your company. Please submit the following two documents duly completed:

ID badges

The following forms are available for requesting an ID badge:


The following forms are available for requesting a key:


The following document contains instructions on how to correctly request ID badges and keys.