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Emergency Management

Emergency Plan

Flughafen Zurich AG and its partners do a lot to promote safety at the airport. Nevertheless, the possibility of an incident cannot be ruled out:

ICAO Emergency drill
ICAO Emergency drill (aerial view)

Whether it is a plane crash, a high-jacking, a bomb threat, an epidemic or an explosion – it is crucial to establish the necessary emergency plans to be able to react correctly in case of an incident. The standards and guidelines of the ICAO oblige airports around the world to draw up an emergency plan to deal with emergencies.

An emergency organisation should handle tasks for the duration of an emergency that cannot be fulfilled by the regular airport organisation. It sets out an efficient, coordinated procedure for dealing with an emergency and a speedy return to regular operations.

Emergency planning comprises primarily the preparation and maintenance of an Emergency Plan, drawing up emergency operation concepts, preparing an organisational team with crisis management, crisis information and a crisis task force, and implementing ICAO emergency drills at regular intervals of two years.

Please note the link to the airport emergency plan in the right-hand column. Partners and members of the airport crisis management team should contact Flughafen Zurich AG's Emergency Management for the necessary access data.