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Known supplier 

The "Known Suppliers of Airport Supplies" concept

In compliance with the requirements of the supervisory authorities, all goods that are destined for the restricted areas of Zurich Airport must be checked before entering these areas by security officers tasked with such duties. This requirement does not apply, however, to so-called "known suppliers of airport supplies" – companies that supply goods to the airport which have shown that they meet certain predefined security requirements.

Know Supplier
Full security checks           

The concept in brief

  • Known suppliers of airport supplies enjoy simplified and more efficient processes when delivering their goods to restricted areas at Zurich Airport.
  • Known suppliers of airport supplies are trained and certificated to meet international aviation security standards.
  • Any company delivering goods to Zurich Airport can apply for Known Supplier of Airport Supplies certification.

You will find full further information in the additional documentation on this page. If you have any questions, please contact Flughafen Zürich AG’s Airport Security unit via the "Contact" section.