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Ramp safety

Both aircraft and ground vehicles operated by various companies use the apron. This is often a hectic place, with people trying to handle planes as quickly as possible.

Ramp Safety Movie

This movie is intended to help to eliminate or at least to minimise the number of accidents and incidents on the ramp at Zurich Airport. We want to improve ramp operation’s safety. It is important that ramp personnel is fully aware at all times of the complexity of their working environment. Accidents can happen anywhere … anytime …

Ramp Safety at Zurich Airport

Ground traffic regulations

Alertness is vital, as the apron is a place where aircraft, ground vehicles and pedestrians mix. This is why Ground Traffic Regulations (BVO) apply in addition to the Swiss Road Traffic Act.

Vorsicht - Kreuzung mit Rollweg
Attention - taxiway crossing

In general, the speed limit is 30 kph on the apron and 50 kph in the road tunnel. In addition, moving aircraft always have right of way. The airport authority operates a points system to enforce the GTR. Violators are issued points for infractions of the rules. This can eventually lead to withdrawal of their driving licence.

LVP – Low Visibility Procedures for land-based traffic

Bad weather, in particular low visibility, increases the risk of incidents and accidents at Zurich Airport. Low Visibility Procedures (LVP) are designed to offer special protection to aircraft, vehicles, people and infrastructure when visibility is poor.

For example, high-risk traffic lanes can be closed when LVPs are in operation (see Ramp Safety Manual). The airport manager decides when the process is to be activated. You can check the status at any time by calling +41 (0)43 816 21 01.

How to behave around aircraft

The mere size of an aircraft makes it difficult to anticipate exactly how it will behave. In particular, it is vital to exercise caution while the engines are running and comply with the necessary distance requirements. Never go within 200 metres of a taxiing aircraft or 100 metres of an aircraft that is being towed.


Never get between a follow-me truck and an aircraft!

Dock guidance system

Handling / turnaround

Greater caution is advisable especially in the case of aircraft with short turnaround times. Under stress, people often make mistakes that can lead to accidents. During handling, several vehicles are at the stand at the same time. They all need to be aware of each other.

Entry to the stand is prohibited while the dock guidance system is in operation. If this rule is broken, the dock guidance system will trigger an error and the aircraft will be unable to dock as planned, meaning that delays are inevitable.

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