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Runway safety

Zurich Airport has a complex runway system. Runway 10/28 crosses runway 16/34. The location of runway 28, between the north and south aprons, is also critical.

This layout means that taxiing aircraft often cross runways. The fact that apron control is divided into north and south sectors also means that frequency changes are common.
Anyone operating a vehicle at Zurich Airport must therefore always be on the alert.

Runway Incursion Prevention

This movies will give you a better impression and understanding of runway/ taxiway layout, number of frequency changes, markings and red stopbar installations at Zurich Airport. The movies targets commercial and recreational pilots operating at Zurich Airport. It shows taxi procedures and runway crossing procedures, it furthermore explains hotspots and special procedures at Zurich Airport. Thanks to all partners that made the release of this movies possible.

Runway Incursion Prevention Airliner

Runway Incursion Prevention Business

Runway Incursion Prevention Private

Stop bars

Red stop bars are placed in front of every runway crossing point to prevent possible runway incursions. 
Such red stop bars may never be crossed without ATC (Air Traffic Control) clearance neither by Pilots, vehicle or pedestrians. 
As a general rule, runways may never be crossed without ATC (Air Traffic Control) clearance. 

Protected area

A protected area is a clearly defined zone that protects runways against improper use. The standard details for protected area dimensions are as follows: widthways, up to 90m from the runway axis on both sides of the runways (except for runway 10/28, where the figure is 75m), and lengthways 150m from the end of the runway for all runways.

In the case of taxiways leading to runways, the boundary of the protected area is the lit CAT I stop bar and the edge of the paved and concrete surface of the taxiway. In the case of access roads, no-entry signs with additional signage reading „Entry only with the permission of the tower“ and chain barriers mark out the protected areas. On grassed areas, white posts bearing signs reading „PROTECTED AREA“ indicate the boundary.

Runway Safety Team

The Runway Safety Team Zürich (RSTZ) is the multi-corporate entity for Skyguide, Swiss, Lufthansa, Flughafen Zürich AG and representatives of business aviation. Its task is to initiate and coordinate actions relating to runway safety at Zurich Airport. It ensures that incidents occurring on and around runways are investigated.