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Submit safety note

Safety and security are a very high priority at Zurich Airport. Greater safety and security can only be achieved if all people who work at the airport are supported.

If you have:

  • observed an incident
  • seen a potential risk
  • identified unsafe working practices
  • behaved unsafely in a situation and wish to protect others from doing the same
  • a desire to inform us about other safety and security problems on the airport premises

then please complete the reporting form below.

Your information is always treated as confidential. Information on safety and security can also be provided in anonymous form, but by providing your contact details you make it easier for us to clarify things.

Thank you for helping to improve safety at Zurich Airport by contributing your feedback on safety and security! the time to report your safety concerns and helping to improve safety at Zurich Airport!

Persönliche Angaben

1. In writing

Please describe your safety issue or concern in as much detail as you can. And if you have an idea of its cause, an assessment of the risk or threat it poses and/or any ideas on how to rectify or eliminate the problem, please feel free to share these with us, too.

Note: You can select and upload up to 3 files at a time.

2. By phone

Would you prefer to discuss the issue by phone? We will be pleased to call you. Just give us your name and phone number and the timeframe within which you’d like to be called.

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3. Personal details (optional)

Giving us your personal details will enable us to contact you if we need any clarification on your input, and to respond to you directly on the issue or points you raise. But if you don’t want to be contacted or prefer to remain anonymous, just leave this section blank.

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