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Visitor registration

Access without airport pass

People without an airport pass (visitors) are only permitted to enter the non-public areas of the airport if they are accompanied by an airport pass holder.

Visitor registration

Link to visitor registration page
Authorised personnel may access the visitor registration page here.

Who can be registered as a visitor?
People who have to carry out work in the non-public area on behalf of a company based at the airport must be registered as visitors and must sign in at the point of access.

Online registration
The online visitor registration facility enables visitors to be registered for several consecutive days (up to a maximum of seven) with a single registration. The number of visitor days granted will be deducted from the available visitor day quota. So to ensure that this quota is not used up for no purpose, the number of days requested should correspond to the actual days required.

An ID document (passport, identity card, driving licence or Swiss residence permit) will be required to verify the visitor’s identity when the visitor badge is issued. Visitor badges need not be returned, but returned badge cases are gratefully received.

  • The Service Center provides visitor registrations from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m.
  • The Parking & Access Office is open round the clock.