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Park for less while shopping

If you make purchases totalling CHF 60 or more you will pay only 3 Swiss francs for 3 hours of parking

Here’s what to do:

The special discount applies in car parks P1, P2, P3 and P6.
1 Take a parking ticket when you enter the car park.
2a Make a purchase of at least CHF 60 in a shop or spend this amount in a restaurant: ask for the discount at the cash register and present your parking ticket.
 2b All receipts (shops, restaurants, services) together add up to at least CHF 60: present all your receipts and your parking ticket together. Either at the cash register of a shop/restaurant or at the Service Center (Airport Shopping, Level 1 at car park 2).
 3 Pay your parking charge as usual at the cash machine. The discount will be deducted automatically.

Please note that:

After 3 hours, rates gradually adapt to the official on-site parking rates.

The discount applies once only per parking ticket and does not work if you use a credit card to enter the car park. The only condition is that you make purchases on the same day as you exit the car park. The discount does not apply to bank, dental, airline, medical centre, post office and rail services.

As of October 2019

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