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Travelling with children

Tips for travelling with children

Embark on your family trip relaxed. Read here all about how to take a buggy/stroller with you or borrow one. Pregnant women should enquire with their airline about the relevant regulations before starting their journey.

Mother with her son
Mother with her son

Permitted buggies/strollers

Please note, that each airline has specific rules regarding the transportation of above mentioned buggies. Delivery of buggies upon arrival at the destination airport is subject to local rules and regulations.

  • All buggies/strollers must be presented at the Check-in desk.
  • Only one-part buggies/strollers may be taken to the gate.
  • Two-part buggies/strollers must always be checked in.
  • Please enquire with your airline as to whether your buggy or stroller may be taken into the aircraft cabin.

 Pictures of different prams
Please note: the regulations of airlines regarding prams can vary from this advice.

Buggy Rental Service

A stroller

Departing passengers with small children have the possibility to rent a buggy at Zurich Airport. The buggy can be collected at check-in and can be returned at the gate.

Rental Service For departing passengers only (no service for arriving passengers or passengers in transit)
Buggy Suitable for children from 0 to 4 years – max. weight 15 kg
Where Check-in 1, Careport Counter
Check-in 2, Careport counter
Rental fee CHF 5.00 per buggy
Payment Cash only
Return the buggy At the gate

Free Family Services

Family Services

Spend your time until departure with us where your children can run around and  play, and you can change their nappies or feed them, etc.
To the Family Services

Travelling when pregnant

Ask your airline directly how late into your pregnancy you are allowed to fly. This differs from airline to airline. In some cases you may require a doctor's certificate.

Security checks carried out with metal detectors (magnetic wands) do not pose any health risks.