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SR Technics/SWISS Technics Tour


Tour the hangars and enjoy a stunning insight into the work of SR Technics and SWISS Technics. Witness engine and aircraft maintenance at close range and marvel at the big birds of the sky.

View of SR Technics and SWISS Maintenance at Zurich Airport
A behind-the-scenes look at aircraft maintenance – at SR Technics and SWISS Technics.

SR Technics / SWISS Technics Maintenance tour

The tour begins in the main building of SR Technics, where a jet engine and an aeroplane engine are on display. The group will then visit the SR Technics “turbo hangar”, where employees test the engines that have just arrived or are soon to be released. Afterwards, participants will witness the repair and assembly of engines and learn how each stage of the procedure is checked. One of the highlights of the tour is a visit to Hangars 2 and 3, both of which are operated by SWISS Technics. Both long and short haul aircraft are maintained in these hangars, in shifts over 24 hours. The tour is accompanied by tour guides with many years of experience at SR Technics or SWISS technics, who can competently answer any questions participants may have.

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Information Phone +41 (0)43 816 21 56
2.5 hours
Daily except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
Deadline for bookings 6 weeks in advance
Minimum age
Recommended age is 16 years or over
Number of participants
Up to 40 people
Up to 20 people
Up to 40 people