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Museum of Transport Lucerne

Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne

Switzerland’s most frequently visited museum showcases mobility on the roads, railways, water, in the air and in space. The many interactive attractions inside and out are an experience for young and old alike, whatever the weather. 

The Swiss Museum of Transport is situated directly on the shores of idyllic Lake Lucerne.

Documentary films in XXL format are shown on Switzerland’s largest screen in the film theatre. The biggest and most modern planetarium in Switzerland offers a 360-degree flight to the stars. The latest communication trends are presented in Media World. A journey through the Swiss Chocolate Adventure shows how cocoa beans are turned into the famous Swiss chocolate. 

Interactive experiences for young and old

The Swiss Transport Museum presents countless attractions relating to mobility and communication. The past, present and future of transport is shown in the various areas: road, rail, water, air and even space. Original aircraft, cars, locomotives and ships offer a unique insight into Swiss transport history. Various interactive stations and simulators make a visit a unique experience. The multifunctional open-air arena at the heart of the museum – with a large boat pool, “traffic garden” and road construction arena – provides adventures for young and old alike in all weathers.

Experience Swiss space history in the “Space” exhibition.