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Museum of Transport Lucerne

Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne

The Swiss Museum of Transport charts the development of transport and mobility on road, rail and water as well as in the air and space. It also presents modern communication worlds in a tangible, exciting and diverse way.

Paragliding in the Museum of Transport with a suspended installation and projected video images

More than 3,000 objects

The 20,000 m² exhibition area houses more than 3,000 objects and unique attractions such as the IMAX film theatre, planetarium, Swissarena and Gotthard Tunnel show, as well as the Hans Erni Museum and many other interesting features, making any visit to the Swiss Museum of Transport an unforgettable experience.

Switzerland's most popular museum is being constantly renovated, so it's always worth another visit.

Modernised in 2010, the aviation and space travel hall takes you on an impressive journey through the world of aerospace. Whether by plane or space shuttle, it's guaranteed to be a fun experience. Swiss airports present spectacular operational processes and fascinating contemporary stories. Over 30 historic aircraft and more than 300 original objects, models, experiments and simulators await you. Find out more about Swiss airports.

Media Factory

Do you know ...
... how many employees work at Zurich Airport?
... how many people work in the control tower?
... what is  meant by „apron control“?
... all the things that happen at a terminal?
... that the airport is also a shopping centre?
... what is the most frequently flown type of aircraft?
... how many flights take off and land each day?
... how much baggage is transported each day?

You will find all the answers at the Museum of Transport in Lucerne – a place of discovery!