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Working for Zürich Flughafen AG

A fascinating company and an attractive employer

Zurich Airport – Switzerland's gateway to the world – is a quality airport in the heart of Europe and the country’s main transport hub. This is where we start our journeys to worldwide destinations, and this is where the world gains its first impressions of Switzerland.

Aerial view of Zurich Airport
Aerial view of Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is a unique location: In addition to our company’s 1,700 or so employees there are over 27,000 employees at close to 300 other companies who ensure smooth operations, work in the retail outlets and provide services. Working at Flughafen Zürich AG means being part of the airport family. In your daily work you will meet interesting colleagues and specialists at partner companies. People who work at Zurich Airport carry out a wide variety of occupations in a demanding, motivating and interesting environment that is one-of-a-kind.

Swiss values such as quality and reliability, as well as efficient and safe processes guide our day-to-day work. When THE CIRCLE opens – probably at the beginning of 2020 – Zurich Airport will develop into an urban landside centre offering a high-quality experience – with offices, two hotels, a conference centre, a satellite of University Hospital Zurich, various restaurants, retail outlets and much more. THE CIRCLE Project

Welcome to Flughafen Zürich AG, welcome to the airport world. We are pleased to welcome you.

Air traffic controller at Zurich Airport

Aviation Division

All the processes required for ensuring safe, efficient and high-quality flight operations are grouped together in the Aviation division. These include the processes provided for passengers in the departure, arrival and transfer areas, the coordination of stand allocation and the guidance of aircraft on the aprons as well as safety and security. Furthermore, the operation of the 800 hectares of airport premises, including planning, utilities, waste management and maintenance of engineering structures, also falls under the remit of Aviation.

Aircraft engineer at Zurich Airport

Real Estate Division

The Real Estate division is responsible for the development, construction, and commercial, technical and infrastructural operation of all the buildings and associated building systems at Zurich Airport. Its portfolio ranges from the terminal buildings, office centres, logistics and hangar buildings to the new major project «THE CIRCLE».

Reception at Prime Center Zurich Airport

Commercial Division

The Commercial division represents the interests of the airport’s end customers. In this capacity, it is responsible for support for the airport’s commercial centres, its landside traffic and marketing. The division organises attractive shopping, catering and services in both the airside and landside areas, and operates the largest shopping centre in Switzerland in terms of sales.

Employee in the finance department

Finance Division

The Finance division handles the financial management of the company, and is responsible for inter-divisional functions and international airport activities. In addition to these functions the Finance division is responsible for tasks relating to information and communication technology, central purchasing and fee management.

Job interview at Zurich Airport

Corporate units

The four departments Corporate Communication, Human Resources, Public Affairs and Legal & Environment report directly to the CEO. The General Secretary acts as a staff unit of the Board of Directors.


We consider the basic education as an economic as well as a socio-political commitment. By providing internships we position ourselves as a prospective employer. In this manner we get to know interns as possible future employees, we receive an external perspective and get to build a good relationship with the respective training institutions. In return young people can gain work experience in a diverse and interesting company.

Attractive offer

We provide not just an attractive employment in an exciting environment. We are proud to provide our employees a range of different attractive offers:

A person works on the laptop

Fair working conditions

Co-determination and a right to have a say are key elements of our corporate values. Our interactions are characterised by respect, we support each other in our daily work and maintain an open communication culture.

We endeavour to consciously develop and promote the potential of our employees. In addition to fair and progressive remuneration, Flughafen Zürich AG offers its employees generous long-service gifts.

Child's hand holds an adult's hand

Generous social benefits

With close to 120,000 insured persons, the BVK is the biggest pension fund in Switzerland and a foundation under private law. In a comparison, it is very well placed in terms of age, disability and death benefits for actively insured persons and pension recipients. The contributions are designed to be employee-friendly with an employer component of 60%. Other benefits in the generous social package include private accident insurance or paternity leave.

Tram at the bus station of Zurich Airport

Fringe benefits

We offer our employees a range of fringe benefits. In addition to a 50% meals subsidy they can take advantage of a staff discount at most stores at the airport. As one of Switzerland's transport hubs with the best connections, we also give our employees a 2nd-class ZVV season ticket for the entire canton of Zurich. Staff discounts

Jogger on treadmill

Sport and fitness

Sport and a good level of fitness help us to deal with stress and to find an inner balance. We offer our employees a wide range of sports facilities at the airport which are of course free of charge.

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