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Airbus A380

Since 28 March 2010, Singapore Airlines has been operating the Zurich-Singapore route with an Airbus A380. Zurich Airport is thus only the third airport in Europe to be served by regularly scheduled flights of an Airbus A380.

Airbus A380 at Gate E67, Dock E

An Airbus A380 arrived at Zurich Airport as early as January 2010 for testing purposes. This aircraft was admired by more than 22,000 visitors who turned out to celebrate the occasion at „Welcome A380“.

The A380 is handled at Zurich Airport from Gate E67 at Dock E via three passenger loading bridges. E52 is currently available as an alternative stand. It is expected that Emirates will also be operating daily flights to Zurich Airport with the world's largest passenger plane from the beginning of January 2014. The best views of the A380 are from observation deck B when this giant aircraft takes off around midday.