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Modal split

Modal split developing well

44% of passengers, visitors and employees travel to Zurich Airport by public transport. This is the result of the latest survey on the modal split at Zurich Airport conducted by the airport operator in cooperation with the Canton of Zurich.

Modal split

The Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan (SAIP) calls for the following percentages of all persons to travel to Zurich Airport on public transport: 42% by 2020 and 46% by 2030. The airport operator is required to disclose the status of the modal split in a survey every four years. The latest results are now available. Compared with the last survey in 2013, the percentage has risen from 43% to 44%.

A key transport hub

This encouraging trend is due to the excellent access to the airport provided by rail, bus and the Glattal tram as well as specific promotional measures. Today, Zurich Airport is one of Switzerland’s key transport hubs with 27.8 million public transport users and 29.4 million airline passengers.

Despite this good result, the airport operator, the Canton of Zurich and the public transport companies will face the future challenge of raising the modal split percentage to 46% by 2030. The potential for optimisation in public transport connections has thus been exhausted. The focus is now on expanding early connections.

The modal split in detail

The modal split refers to the relative share of public transport in total airport user traffic. It has been surveyed at regular intervals since 1994 and has increased steadily since then. According to the SAIP, a new definition has existed for the modal split since 2009, and all figures refer to this new definition.