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Zurich Airport Key Figures - August 2011

Traffic Figures: 2,321,023 passengers were handled at Zurich Airport during August 2011, a gain of 4.1% versus August 2010. The year to date passenger growth stands at +8.2%.

O&D or local passengers (originating or departing from Zurich) increased by 5.3% to 1,521,052 compared to previous August (YTD +9.3%). Transfer passengers are up by 1.6% to 792,706 in August (YTD +6.1%). The transfer rate which was at 35.0% last August is currently at 34.2% (YTD 34.0%).

The current low cost passenger market share is at 11.9% (YTD 11.2%), showing an increase in passenger figures of 5.9% (YTD +12.6%) versus previous year.

Air Traffic Movements (ATMs) increased by 2.2% to 24,914 in August versus previous year (YTD +5.5%). The increase divides into a gain of 2.9% for airlines (YTD +5.9%) and a loss of 1.9% for general aviation and others (YTD +3.3%).

The average Passenger per Movement figure (airline passengers only) currently is at 108.7 (107.6 previous year) or 101.8 YTD (99.6 previous year). The average seat load factor saw a decrease of 0.4 percentage points to 76.8% (YTD 72.7%).

Commercial Activities

Total turnover (net sales to consumers) during August was CHF 37.7m (-6.4% versus previous year). Turnover per departing passenger in August was CHF 32.5, which is 10.1 percent lower than last year. Year to date August, total turnover saw a decrease of 0.6% to CHF 314.2m and turnover per departing passenger decreased by 8.1% to CHF 38.7.

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