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Unique new facility in the passenger zone

In mid-July 2013 a unique book and catering concept will be opening in the transit zone, en route to Gates A: the first-ever combination of a “Press & Books” concept and an “NZZ Café”, covering more than 400 square metres.

As well as gripping crime fiction and novels, best-selling business books, travel guides and magazines in various languages, “Press & Books” will also be selling the latest e-readers for avid readers, who can seek professional advice from the booksellers. The range will be complemented by travel souvenirs and high-quality gifts for loved ones back home. One of the highlights at the new “NZZ Café” – the only one of its kind in the world – is free access to the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ)’s digital news format. When guests purchase a drink or bar food, they will receive exclusive access to NZZ’s news repertoire via their smartphones or the iPads provided, as they while away the time until their flight departs enjoying such Swiss culinary treats as rolls with air-dried meat and hearty Gruyère cheese or Bircher muesli.

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