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“Cargo – the fascination of transport” special exhibition

A special exhibition entitled “Cargo – the fascination of transport” will be staged at the Museum of Transport from 28 March until 20 October 2013. The arena at the centre of the museum will be transformed into a spectacular container terminal.

The exhibition presents key aspects of transport and logistics and the interdependencies and background in an entertaining way. It also inspires the spectators to think about their own mobility behaviour. The containers present surprising, interactive and original uses, while “Kids Cargo” is a logistics play area for little ones – both fun and educational.


The 1st International Lucerne seaplane rally will be held from 3 to 5 May 2013. Between eight and ten seaplanes will meet in Lucerne and anchor off the Lido beach. The planes can be visited, and visitors can also take a flight.

The “Air Cooled” meet will kick off at the Swiss Museum of Transport arena on 5 May. Air-cooled is the buzzword! On this day a wide range of cars and utility vehicles – all of which feature air-cooled engines – will be on display. An exciting intermezzo that includes VW, Citroen, Porsche, Chevrolet and Fiat through to Haflinger & Pinzgauer, Tatra or Panhard.

On the themed weekend of 5 to 7 July 2013 the Swiss Museum of Transport, participating museums, associations, collectors and partners will present selected treasures from their collections that feature the “road” and will also show off their current projects. At the same time, “Formula e” will be the third Swiss meeting for electric-powered vehicles on 6 July 2013 – with historic, contemporary and future electric vehicles. Electric vehicles of all types and vintages will come together at the Museum of Transport arena, and it will also be possible to ride in them.

On 13 July 2013 the Museum of Transport will organise a special exhibition to commemorate the Alpine flight of Oskar Bider. A hundred years ago, on 13 July 1913, Oskar Bider flew from Berne via the Jungfraujoch to Domodossola and Milan. He crossed the massif in extremely difficult conditions at 3′600 metres, just 100 metres above the Jungfraujoch.

Highlight on Switzerland’s biggest screen!

Since 14 March 2013 the Museum of Transport’s film theatre has been screening the new documentary “Flight of the Butterflies 3D” – the discovery of the incredible odyssey of the monarch butterflies. Beginning in October every year, millions of these butterflies arrive at their overwintering destinations in Mexico after a journey of over 4′000 kilometres which began in Canada and the USA. And in April the females embark on the return northbound journey. Spectators can view the fantastic natural phenomenon and amazing journey of this minuscule creature on a large screen.

“Flight of the Butterflies” is a 3D documentary that presents the annual migration cycle of the monarch butterflies for the first time in fascinating aerial shots using special macrophotography. Director Mike Slee and his production team filmed over 100 million butterflies in their remote winter retreats in Mexico and on their southbound migration routes from Canada through the USA. The result is a stunning film that captures one of the longest and most amazing animal migrations in the world.

Swiss Museum of Transport Lucerne

The Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne features over 3′000 objects in a space of around 20′000 square metres that includes exhibition zones, simulators, multimedia shows and interactive exhibitions. The museum presents the evolution of transport and mobility in an exciting and diverse way, not only on road, rail and water but also in the air and space. Additional attractions such as the film theatre, the planetarium, the Swissarena and the Gotthard Tunnel exhibit plus the Hans Erni Museum make any visit a real experience.

The Swiss Museum of Transport guarantees thrilling and unforgettable adventures for young and old alike!

More information is available at www.verkehrshaus.ch.

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