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Closure of the departure curbside lane

As of 26 January 2015 the curbside lane on the departure level will be completely closed to traffic owing to refurbishment work.

The departure curbside lane will be closed on 26 January 2015. From this date only the lower level can be used. The organisation of the zones and the charges will not change (5 minutes free of charge, CHF 1 for each additional minute).

A drop-off zone will be set up directly in front of Arrival hall 1 for Check-in 1. Passengers for Check-in 2 will reach their check-in area via the Airport Center. Meeters and greeters should use car parks P1-3, intended for people parking vehicles for longer periods at the airport. Licensed partners can continue to use the inner curbside lane on the arrival level.

While the curbside lane on the departure level is closed, the surfaces and lane markings will be replaced. A 340-metre-long roof construction will also be installed. It will provide complete protection against snow and rain and contribute to the uniform appearance. It will also significantly improve the overall guest experience. A master lighting concept will improve the space and make it easier for people to find their way on both levels. The curbside lanes will then be clearer and more comfortable for passengers. The existing curbside lane bridge in the Departure 2 area is being extended.

The entire "Curbside Lane Refurbishment" project is scheduled for completion in mid-2016.

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