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5 questions to Hans Peter Rohr, Airport Security

This section presents a person who gets things moving at Zurich Airport. Hans Peter Rohr is Airport Security Project Manager and ensures security checks are carried out smoothly.


What do you do at Zurich Airport?

My job involves monitoring operations at the gates and staff entrances at Zurich Airport. I'm also responsible for evaluating security equipment. Besides these tasks, my role also involves inspecting control infrastructure and control processes at security check points.

The security checks concerning liquids in hand luggage changed on 28 January 2014. What do passengers need to know?
Essentially, this doesn't change anything for passengers. They can still take containers with a maximum of 100 ml of liquids and gels in a transparent 1-litre bag through the security checks with them. It must be possible to open and close the bag using a grip seal or zip-lock closure. However, duty free items over 100 ml in sealed and intact ICAO bags, as well as medication, baby food and special foods in containers are now subject to an additional separate check to ensure they do not contain explosives. The liquids mentioned above have to be placed in a plastic tray and handed over to a member of security staff before the security check.

Who will be particularly affected by these changes?

Firstly, staff from the airport police service working in passenger screening, most of whom have had to be trained on how to use the new LEDS devices (liquid explosive detection systems) that are used to carry out the additional checks. And secondly the changes are relevant for transfer passengers from third countries. Whereas this group previously had to hand over their duty free items at the transfer security checks, they can now take the items with them in their hand luggage. The important thing is that the liquids are carried in a correctly sealed ICAO bag.

How will the checks actually be carried out?

Liquids will be checked using the LEDS devices mentioned above. These devices are in place on all levels of the security check building, at all transfer security check points at Dock B and E, at Grüezi A and at service passage A.

What does the airport mean to you personally?

I've been working at Zurich Airport for almost 25 years. and I've had the chance to work for several aviation security companies during that time. I was bitten by the airport bug from my very first day. There aren't many other workplaces that offer such an international environment on a day-to-day basis. What's more, the airport is constantly evolving, with the ongoing expansion and refurbishment work being carried out here. This makes it an exciting and diverse place to work. In addition, new or amended air traffic regulations mean we constantly face new challenges.

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