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Terminal 2 upgrade: opening of check-in

The first passengers will be handled in the new check-in hall on 26 March 2014.



After around 20 months of construction work, the first main building phase, with 52 new check-in counters, is nearing completion. As of 26 March 2014 (04:30), passengers will be able to use the new Check-in Hall 2 South. The check-in area has been upgraded and the lighting improved. This will create a more spacious area, offering passengers a much better overview and providing more space for checking in.

The new ticket counters will also be located in the renovated check-in hall as of the end of March 2014. The move will take place in stages between 26 March and 3 April 2014. The temporary ticket counters before the boarding pass check will then be dismantled immediately after the move.

Installation of the new walkway involved a great deal of precision work. It was completed last summer to link the Airport Center to the terminal. From the first floor, where the temporary check-in row 7 remains in operation, passengers can use the new moving walkways that lead to check-in rows 1 and 4 on Level 2.

A look ahead to the next major phase of building work

Following the commissioning of the new check-in hall in the southern half of the terminal building, work has got seamlessly under way on decommissioning the northern part of the terminal. The check-in desks in the northern half of the check-in hall are also set to be rearranged. Similar to the southern half of the hall, the rows of desks will be located parallel to the curbside lane from the fourth quarter of 2015. Partition walls will be erected around the current check-in rows 1-6, which are to be demolished. Passengers will be guided around the available shops and building site from the new check-in area to the boarding pass check.

New partition walls will also be erected both on Level 1 in row 7 and in Arrival 2 opposite the switzerlandinfo+ desk. When the building work shifts to the other end, the escalator next to switzerlandinfo+ between Arrival 2 and Level 1 will also be closed. During the building work, access to and from Arrival 2 will be via the road into the Airport Center.

The current walkway at the Service Center is to be closed on 26 March 2014 for extensive renovation. It will re-open once the second main phase of the building work is complete.

The renovation work is likely to lead to the occasional diversion for passengers. Any new routes will be signposted accordingly to guarantee a smooth passenger flow.

Completion of the second major building phase is scheduled for October 2015, and the whole "Terminal 2 upgrade" project is scheduled to be completed in early 2016.

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