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Zurich Airport News Flash No. 15 / Zurich Airport Key Figures - September 2014 & Update Guidance

Traffic Figures
2,386,880 passengers were handled at Zurich Airport during September 2014, a gain of 5.1% versus previous year. O&D or local passengers (originating or departing from Zurich) increased by 8.2% to 1,681,105 compared to previous September. Transfer passengers decreased by -1.6% to 699,218 in September. The transfer rate which was at 31.3% last September is currently at 29.4%.

In September there were 24,101 air traffic movements (ATM’s) at Zurich Airport, an increase of 4.2% versus last year’s September. The increase divides into an increase of 4.5% for airlines and an increase of 2.0% for general aviation.

The average passenger per movement figure (airline passengers only) currently is at 113.9 (113.3 previous year). The average seat load factor saw an increase of 1.0 percentage point to 78.7%.

Commercial Activities
Total turnover (net sales to consumers) during Septembert was CHF 46.2m (-2.6% versus previous year). Turnover per departing passenger in September was CHF 38.7, which is 7.3% lower than last year. Year to date September, total turnover consist to CHF 402.2m and turnover per departing passenger decreased by 1.9% to CHF 41.5.

Guidance 2014 - Update
As a result of the strong growth in the local passenger segment (ytd +5.5%), Flughafen Zürich AG increases its total passenger guidance for the full year 2014. Total passenger volume is expected to grow by approximately 2% (from originally 0-1%) in 2014.
Accordingly, profits 2014 (incl. and excl. noise impacts) are expected to be higher than guided earlier.

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