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The ASIA Restaurant pays homage to the noodle

In Asian cooking, a great many dishes feature noodles – from lightly spiced to fiery hot. Reason enough for the ASIA Restaurant to present the full range of flavours available with this versatile ingredient.


In Asia, noodles are often served in soups or form a key part of wok dishes. They can also play a main role in salads and even desserts. But in Asia they are never served as a side dish or as a main meal with sauce, as we do here in Switzerland.

Asian noodles are not only made from wheat, but also from rice, mung beans or algae.

The ASIA Restaurant in Check-in 1 is serving up a selection of Eastern noodle creations. Noodles feature all the way, for example as egg noodles in a hearty chicken soup, in a spicy glass noodle salad or as ramen noodles with strips of crispy roast duck breast. To finish your meal in style, the ASIA Restaurant has a refreshing lemongrass panna cotta – you'll be surprised by the sophisticated noodle dishes on offer.

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