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Chalet Suisse becomes a Ticino grotto

Mountain valley cheeses, braised knuckle of veal, gnocchi with tangy gorgonzola... Chalet Suisse is putting on a range of culinary specialities from Switzerland's sunny South – "Ticino a Tavola".

Chalet Suisse

It's not just the mild climate that makes Ticino unique. The Italian-speaking canton is also exceptionally well-loved for its food, not to mention its cultural diversity and friendliness of its people.

"Ticino a Tavola" in Chalet Suisse combines regional dishes and enjoyment. Cheeses from the mountain valleys, braised veal knuckle served with real Ticino polenta, traditional Ticino sausage and house-made cheese quiche are all very popular and very typical Ticino specialities. Or how about delicious gnocchi, gratinéed with tangy gorgonzola? And don't forget to try a fruity Merlot, as Ticino is famous for its wine – and also for its chestnuts. The Chalet Suisse team will also be preparing delicious main meals and desserts. Buon Appetito!

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