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Favarger chocolate dreams at the Airside Center

Enjoy the taste of the good old days. The Héritage edition from Swiss chocolate producer Favarger is now available to sample at the Airside Center.


During the promotion at the Airside Center, Favarger is presenting an authentic chocolate that the family-owned business has breathed new life into. Favarger's recipes with exclusive ingredients, produced using traditional methods, make the Héritage edition especially popular with chocaholics. To meet the growing demand and increase the brand's visibility, the Héritage edition range has been expanded to include new metal tins and a wooden box, all filled with different chocolates. This represents a whole new way to enjoy the products.

The manufacturer's classics are all there: Avelines, Nougalines and mini bars. New to the range are the dark chocolate chips, which can be used to make delicious, artisanal drinking chocolate. Each tin features an illustration with traditional Favarger images from the manufacturer's archives. The tins' pastel tones are also inspired by traditional products from back in the day. The production techniques for the mini bars and chocolate chips are just as much a part of this tradition, combining the old and the new, as the recipes for Avelines and Nougalines, which have been handed down through the generations.

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