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An exhibition devoted to Swiss watches

To raise public awareness of the richness and diversity of Swiss watchmaking, the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry is conducting a promotion inside Zurich Airport until 3 May 2015.

Think Time

“Think Time Think Swiss Excellence”, an exhibition dedicated to Swiss watches, is on display at Gates A until 3 May.

Passengers will be able to discover the different facets of a Swiss watch, its centuries-old heritage, its tools and skills and much more. And for the first time, the exhibition will explain to the general public what “Swiss made” means for watches: a subject that will remain high on the agenda of the watch industry in the years ahead.

If you do not have any airline travel planned during this period, don’t hesitate to download izi.TRAVEL to your mobile phone using the following link. This new app will allow you to visit Think Time at your own pace, wherever you are.

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