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Terminal 2 upgrade: Final leg before re-opening

The second construction phase has been in full swing since 26 March 2014. The new check-in rows 2 and 3 will be opened in the newly renovated hall in around 120 days.

Over a year ago, the new check-in rows 1 and 4 were successfully commissioned in the southern Check-in 2. Both passengers and employees appreciate the architecturally appealing, spacious and well-lit southern hall in Terminal 2. The overall appearance of the hall is currently hampered by several partitions in the second construction phase. These conceal an additional 52 check-in desks in rows 2 and 3, which will commence operations at the end of October 2015. 

Work is also proceeding apace on the floors below the check-in hall. As of the end of October 2015, passengers and visitors will be able to access Terminal 2 from the Airport Center conveniently via the second, comprehensively renovated walkway. From here, guests will be able to reach the check-in hall via the new, ascending travelators or via the escalators in Arrival 2.

The final stretch before re-opening
The check-in and arrival hall wil be completed and boasting a new look by the end of October 2015. A number of challenges still have to be overcome before they can commence operations. For example, the various users will put the new facilities to a thorough test. So-called function and commissioning tests will be conducted in various technical areas.

In addition the facilities being tested, the employees will also want to get to know their new working environment. Before commissioning takes place, tests and training are planned in order to gather practical experience. 

As of mid-year the existing room-high partitions will be gradually dismantled and replaced with lower walls. Passengers will then be able to catch a glimpse of the new hall sections prior to the opening.

Subsequent construction work
The construction work on the "Terminal 2 Upgrade" project will continue even after the new check-in and arrival halls are commissioned in the northern section of the terminal. The main construction phase 3, comprising the renovation of the offices and the new prayer rooms as wel as the complete renovation of the south-west facade, will continue until mid-2016. The temporary check-in row 7 will be concealed behind partitions for a certain period in order to allow the remaining necessary work to be completed.

The renovation work may lead to the occasional diversion for passengers. Any new routes will be signposted accordingly to guarantee a smooth passenger flow.

The entire "Terminal 2 Upgrade" project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2016.

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