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New at Zurich Airport: KIKO MILANO

The innovative Italian cosmetic brand KIKO MILANO has opened a shop on Level 1 of the Airport Center.

KIKO MILANO is an Italian supplier of professional cosmetics and offers a broad range of innovative make-up and facial and body-care treatments. The offer comprises safe, effective products of the highest quality, all created especially to meet the beauty requirements of women of any age.

"Be What You Want to Be" is KIKO's motto for its vision of beauty. The brand's unusually large and diverse range of items allows beauty-conscious men and women to express their individual personalities with specially-made products. A wide selection of unique colours, effects and soothing textures is available, tailored to suit your personal style, skin tone and type, and specific requirements – for every phase in your life.

KIKO's identity is firmly anchored in its "Made in Italy" quality standard, and reflects its roots in Milan, the Italian capital of fashion, art and design. The company's extensive research ranges from topics such as original textures and colours through to high-quality formulas with guaranteed performance. The result is the perfect fusion of quality and creativity.

Cutting-edge scientific discoveries and the latest fashion trends both flow into the ongoing development of new items at KIKO. Its products set new standards in the cosmetics industry and are oriented to a variety of different beauty ideals. KIKO MILANO was founded by the Percassi Group in 1997.

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