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Valais specialities at Chalet Suisse

Valais is the guest canton at Chalet Suisse in the Airside Center, luring customers with its rustic cheese dishes and sun-drenched wine.

Who hasn't heard of Valais and the Matterhorn? The canton spans from the Rhône Glacier to Lake Geneva, encompassing 45 four-thousand-metre peaks. The mild climate and high alpine landscape are a tonic for the soul and the spirit. It's simply stunning.

Valais cuisine comprises a variety of delicious cheese dishes and famous wines. Cheese and wine have a deeply rooted tradition in Valais and are well known far beyond its borders. Until the end of January 2016, the Chalet Suisse team will be serving everything you could possibly wish for, from raclette and sliced cheese to "cholera", an old speciality dish of Valais.

Drop by and enjoy a warm welcome and Valais specialities at Chalet Suisse.

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