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Chalet Suisse wishes you "buon appetito!"

from Ticino. Discover Italian-speaking Switzerland with Chalet Suisse.

Chalet Suisse

Ticino, the gateway to the south, is largely surrounded by Italy and only borders the cantons of Graubünden, Uri and Valais in the north-east. It's not just the mild climate that makes Ticino unique. In addition to its cultural diversity and the friendliness of its people, the Italian-speaking canton is also hugely popular thanks to its cuisine.

"Ticino a Tavola" combines regional dishes and enjoyment. The various cheeses from the canton's mountain valleys are especially popular. Guests of Chalet Suisse can also look forward to a whole host of culinary specialities. Alongside braised veal knuckle served with real Ticino polenta, you will find delicious gnocchi gratinéed with tangy gorgonzola. And don't forget to try a fruity Merlot, as Ticino is famous for its wine. Other regional dishes include traditional Ticino sausage and house-made cheese quiche. Chestnuts, too, deserve a special mention as the stars of exquisite main courses and desserts.

The Chalet Suisse team in the Airside Center is looking forward to treating you to a taste of Ticino.

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