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Five questions for Emanuel Fleuti

In this section, we interview a person who gets things moving at Zurich Airport. Today, it's the turn of Emanuel Fleuti, Head of Environmental Protection at Flughafen Zürich AG.

What does your job as Head of Environmental Protection entail?
My job involves strategic environmental protection planning as well as the associated initiatives and programmes for Flughafen Zürich AG – and partner companies, if need be. This also means factoring in the relevant political, legal and economic framework conditions. From the environmental perspective, I provide relevant expert reports for various construction and civil engineering projects and I advise other departments on environmental issues and processes. I am also responsible for environmental monitoring, environmental data management and the communication of all environmental issues. Our international commitment to trade bodies such as ADV, ACI EUROPE, ACI Worldwide and ICAO is also an important part of my job. If the need arises – and providing we have resources available – we will also take on consulting assignments from third parties. Naturally, my job also involves managing the department and ensuring quality assurance.

What do you still hope to achieve in your professional career?
Many of the environmental programmes that we initiate are long-term and it can take years for them to be implemented and take effect. It takes courage to try something new every now and then and to stick with it right through to the end. So, I would like to think that my team and I will be able to implement another flagship project or two that will stand the test of time. One such example was the introduction of emission-based landing charges in 1997.

What's your favourite place at Zurich Airport?
On the roof of Dock A. You have the best view of airport operations from up there, while still being in the thick of things.

What makes you happy to be working at Zurich Airport?
I'm fortunate enough to find myself in a team and a working environment with lots of professional and reliable people both here and abroad. I'm also lucky in that my job involves a wide range of tasks and offers something new almost every day. Last but not least, I am genuinely fascinated by aviation.

What sets Zurich Airport apart in your opinion?
I believe this is due to a number of different factors – of which quality is one. I experience quality not only on the surface, but also in intangible terms and behind the scenes. Zurich Airport is frequently praised for being reliable and efficient. On a good day, it takes me just 15 minutes from touchdown to the train platform.

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