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Zurich Airport review of 2016

Zurich Airport can look back on an eventful year. Important projects have been completed, high-calibre events have been held, and records have been broken.

New curbside lanes
The refurbishment of the curbside lanes at Zurich Airport took three years. The renovated, upgraded curbside lanes were finally reopened in June 2016. Passengers arriving at the airport on the upper level can now use the new drop-off zone, which runs all the way alongside Check-in Halls 1 and 2. A roof structure measuring almost 350 metres in length has been created above the check-in level. The curbside lane bridge in the Check-in 2 area has also been extended.

Terminal 2 Upgrade
The new desks in Terminal 2 were reopened last year. The renovation of the entire check-in hall was completed in October 2015. The final stage of the entire "Terminal 2 Upgrade" project has been taking place this year. The upgrade of Terminal 2 will be officially completed by the end of the year. It took some 77,000 working hours for around 2,400 employees to transform the terminal into a completely new space housing 104 check-in desks.

Airport experience weekend
The airport experience weekend was a first for Zurich Airport. It was the first time that an event of this nature had been held at the airport – and not once but twice. On 25-26 June and 10-11 September the airport site was transformed into a haven for families. Around 24,000 visitors of all ages were entertained in the eight event spaces over the two weekends. The wide range of activities met with great enthusiasm. The impressive visitor numbers made the airport experience weekends a real success. Further weekends are already in the pipeline. The next airport experience weekend will be on 1-2 September 2018.

Passenger record
Zurich Airport broke a personal record this past year. 17 July 2016 was a very special day. For the first time in the airport's history, more than 100,000 passengers passed through
Zurich Airport. By way of comparison, around 72,000 people visit the airport on an average day. Thanks to sound preparation and close cooperation with our partner companies, we were able to cope successfully with the 100,000 or so passengers.

However, these are not the only milestones that led to Zurich Airport winning the award for the "Best Airport in Europe" for the thirteenth year in a row. Zurich Airport received the World Travel Award for its customer friendliness and fulfilment of general quality standards. We can look forward to the new year with confidence. Once again, exciting projects, fascinating events and new personal records await Zurich Airport in 2017.

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