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5 questions for Ralph Peter

This section presents a person who gets things moving at Zurich Airport. Today, it's the turn of Ralph Peter, Deputy Manager Ground Logistics at Dnata.

What does your role as Deputy Manager Ground Logistics at Dnata involve?
Together with my line manager, the Manager Ground Logistics, I manage Ground Logistics in a deputy role. The area is divided into the five sub-areas Load Control and Emergency Response Planning, Aircraft Handling and Ground Movement, Baggage
Sorting and Transport, Aircraft Cleaning and Aircraft De-Icing and has around 210 employees. As Deputy Manager Ground Logistics, I am also responsible for daily operational management. This involves ensuring that our processes (safety, security and quality) are consistent with the current rules and also that these processes are adhered to, taking account of our principles, and satisfy our customers' needs.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I really like the huge variety in an environment that I find very appealing. What impresses me most, however, is the "Dnata Spirit" – the unparalleled service mentality and the tremendous commitment shown by all the departments. It is precisely that spirit which, in my view, makes our company so unique.

What does Dnata stand for as a company?
Our vision is to be the most highly regarded provider of services in air transport. We’re not aiming to be the biggest provider but the best in the world. This vision forms the basis of our joint mission: We want to fulfil our promises to our customers. The 20,000 Dnata employees worldwide are the key to this. The cornerstones of our success will be values such as security, a performance-oriented mindset, exemplary service, customer enthusiasm, a wealth of ideas, and respect.

What is your personal connection with Zurich Airport, aside from your job?
My passion for aviation. Even when, as a young boy, I watched the aircraft come and go with my parents on the observation deck or at the end of the runway, I was aware that I felt drawn to this environment. That has never changed.

What makes you happy to be working at Zurich Airport?
For me, it's a great privilege to be able to combine my passion with my day-to-day work. Zurich Airport provides a very high standard of infrastructure, processes and support. What's more, it sets very stringent requirements for safety, security and quality. These shared values make our partnership very constructive and make me happy.

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