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5 questions for Betül Capan

In this section, we interview a person who gets things moving at Zurich Airport. Today, it's the turn of Betül Capan, Senior First Officer on SWISS's C Series.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
Variety is the best thing about this job. I always find it exciting to fly to new places and work with such a diversity of people. The pleasant working atmosphere and collegiate cooperation within SWISS mean that I begin every working day with a smile. Once pre-flight checks and boarding have been completed and we are taxiing out to the runway, I can hardly wait to feel the acceleration during take-off as my colleague and I take our latest aircraft, the C Series, up into the air.

What is the biggest challenge?
The irregular working hours. From time to time there are conflicts between personal dates and working times. However, we are able to put in requests and have an input into rostering that way.

Why did you become a pilot?
Many people are fascinated by the idea of becoming a pilot. It was the same for me. Already as a child, the flight was the highlight of every holiday. The atmosphere at the airport, the feeling of infinite freedom and seeing the world from above still makes my heart beat faster. Also, the air of professionalism surrounding pilots in their uniforms, the whole organisation of an airline, and especially the technology bound up in an aircraft itself have always impressed me. However, this did not actually coalesce into considering a career as a pilot until relatively late. But from then on, I unswervingly followed my goal, and for more than three years now I've been able to take my place on the right-hand side of the cockpit for SWISS.

What do you miss at other airports?
I really appreciate Zurich Airport's ideal transport links to the city centre. Unfortunately, at many other airports they're not as good.

Aside from as a place to work, what do you like about Zurich Airport?
Zurich Airport has so many shops, restaurants and cafés, plus other services like doctors' surgeries and gyms, as well as a lovely observation deck. I really like the fact that I can shop here on Sundays or visit the gym.

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