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Start of the summer holidays at Zurich Airport

As the summer holidays get underway, Zurich Airport is also sure to be busy over the coming weeks. By taking a few simple steps, passengers can ensure their trip gets off to an efficient and enjoyable start.

As every year, we are expecting large numbers of people to pass through Zurich Airport at the start of the summer holiday season – on several days there will be upwards of 100,000 passengers departing from, arriving at or transferring via Switzerland's gateway to the world. On some peak days, we are even expecting over 110,000 passengers, significantly more than last year's all-time record of 108,040 on one day. The expected peak travel times on the summer holiday weekends will require excellent coordination from all partner companies. The following simple tips will help passengers get their holidays off to a smooth start at Zurich Airport:

Check in well in advance
Depending on the airline, passengers may be able to check in from home online or using a mobile app and print out their own bag tags. This makes dropping off hold baggage much simpler and faster on the actual departure day. Some airlines also allow passengers to check in and drop off bags at Zurich Airport the day or evening before their flight. Information about the various check-in options and desk opening times can be found on the airport's website or on the individual airline's website. 

Airport app creates individual itinerary
The Zurich Airport app provides travellers with all the information they need. The app creates and constantly updates their own individual itinerary, including travel to the airport using their chosen form of transport. Parking spaces can also be booked in advance via the app or online on the airport's website. On request, any changes to the gate or flight time can be sent directly to a mobile phone as a push message. An interactive map helps passengers find their way around and arrive on time. The app also offers other helpful information and links to further services. 

Allow plenty of time
As large numbers of people will be travelling, it's a good idea to arrive at Zurich Airport at least two hours before departure. In addition to the existing regulations, new rules regarding powders and powder-like substances have been in force for travellers on direct flights to the USA since 30 June 2018. These may now only be carried in hand baggage in containers up to a maximum size of 350 ml. Passengers travelling to the USA are advised to pack any containers with powders in their hold baggage and to contact their airline directly if they have any further questions. Expect additional checks at the gates. Passengers on direct flights to the USA are therefore advised to arrive at Zurich Airport three hours prior to departure and to check their gate information in good time.

Passport control at automated gates
Eight automated gates have been available in the Passport Control Hall at the local immigration point since last September. In addition, five automated gates also went into operation at the exit to Gates E at the end of May 2018, which will make travel more efficient for passengers. With automated passport control, passengers can pass through the Schengen border on their own as the system checks the biometric data in their passport. The automated gates can be used by citizens of Switzerland, the EU and EEA who are over 18 and have a biometric passport. No personal data is stored, and their use is voluntary. The staffed passport counters can continue to be used. 

Baggage security regulations
We advise passengers to read carefully the information relating to baggage and security on the airport's website (at www.zurich-airport.com/security) or on the individual airline's website before starting their journey. Electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and cameras and all liquids carried in hand baggage must be presented at the security checkpoint. Liquids, gels, creams and sprays are only allowed in hand baggage in containers up to a maximum size of 100 ml. They must be transported in a resealable transparent plastic bag, which itself must not exceed one litre in capacity. Only one bag per person is allowed. Any liquids in containers larger than 100 ml are only permitted in check-in bags. Exceptions are made for baby food and medicines. All types of scissors and knives with a blade length of more than 6 cm are also not permitted in hand baggage. However, both may be transported in checked baggage. Each passenger may carry one lighter on their person.

Any e-cigarettes, loose batteries, power banks and charging devices with a battery must be carried in hand baggage, not packed in checked bags. Batteries must be protected so as to prevent short circuits, either by taping over the terminals or by placing each battery in a separate protective pouch. Batteries with a capacity of 100 Wh or more are limited to a maximum of two per passenger. Energy sources with a capacity of over 160 Wh are prohibited in all baggage, as are dangerous goods such as fireworks, sparklers and gas cartridges. 

Shops and restaurants
With more than 50 restaurants and 110 shops, Zurich Airport offers passengers and visitors a wealth of choice. On arrival, passengers can also purchase duty-free items from the two duty-free shops in Arrivals. The restaurants and shops in the passenger zone usually open one hour before the first flight departs and close once the last flight has been called. 

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