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Airport Fitness: your number 1 in Canton Zurich

Starperformance and Swica have together taken a close look at various high-end gyms in Switzerland. Airport Fitness was rated the best in the Canton of Zurich and ranked fifth overall in Switzerland.

Starperformance, a health and service specialist, has been active in the Swiss fitness market since 2016 and helps fitness centres to continuously improve their quality. Together with Swica it reviewed the 10 best premium fitness centres with an annual membership price of CHF 1,200 or more. As part of the assessment, over 70 different criteria – including initial contact, trial training, supervision system, infrastructure as well as hygiene and cleanliness – were reviewed, and credit points (grades from 6 to 1) were assigned. Airport Fitness was rated the best in the Canton of Zurich and ranked fifth overall in Switzerland.

The place to be!
Airport Fitness & Wellness Center – which lives up to its name with a life-sized airplane nose at the entrance – is located directly in the terminal building. The subtle lighting and attractive design elements provide a special training atmosphere, while the spacious wellness zone boasts an impressive design. The fitness offering leaves nothing to be desired.

A wellness zone that leaves nothing to be desired
Relax and unwind far away from the stress of daily life and the hustle and bustle of the airport, 365 days a year, in the elegantly designed wellness zone spanning 2,000 m². There is a wide range of options, including a Ferrari-red hammam decorated with gold leaf (Oriental steam bath, approx. 45 degrees C), a mixed sauna (85 degrees, 10% humidity), a ladies’ sauna (80 degrees C, 10% humidity) and a men's sauna (90 degrees C, 10% humidity).

Come and explore a fitness and wellness world that is one of a kind. Pump it up, keep healthy, increase your performance on the job or simply relax – Airport Fitness with its unique ambiance offers all of the above.

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