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The Park is set to increase the quality of time spent at Zurich Airport

In future, The Park on the Butzenbüel will become a key meeting place and recreational area at Zurich Airport. When THE CIRCLE opens in 2020, visitors, employees, residents and passengers will be able to enjoy a large outdoor space right next to Switzerland’s largest airport.

On 80,000 m2 of green space next to Zurich Airport, a local recreation area is being created with a range of uses focused on experiencing nature and aiming to strike a balance between the natural environment and its use by the park’s visitors. The costs of the project come to around CHF 15 million. Construction is already well advanced, and it is scheduled to open together with THE CIRCLE in 2020. The park's design was the subject of a landscape architecture competition won by Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH, who created the concept for the project.

Range of uses of The Park
The Park is primarily intended as a recreational area and meeting place. The range of uses thus mainly comprises the different existing landscape typologies: the established woodland, meadows and wetlands are being revived and made accessible to visitors. A “sky platform” will be implemented at the park’s highest point. This level area with a water feature will be one of the park's main attractions. In around two minutes, The Park’s transit system will provide direct access from THE CIRCLE to one of the two path systems, the panorama route. This is paved right up to the highest point of the park, to make the sky platform accessible to people with reduced mobility. In addition to the sky platform, there is also a venue for small events. Spaces and clearings will be created at various locations to enable people to come together and experience the woods, for example with a woodland playground or an outdoor gym.

Nature conservation and park use
The park will cover an area of around 80,000 m2, a considerable part of which is a conservation area. Cleverly laid-out path systems and an attractive offering will guide visitors through the park so that they don’t leave the designated areas. The collaboration with Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH has resulted in a project that focuses on nature. The extensive improvements will significantly increase the environmental value of the future conservation zones. The Butzenbüel transformation will have a positive influence on the natural surroundings, as the existing areas are being enhanced in a concept encompassing the entire hill.

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